The Team

Narendra Ballar

Photographer Narendra Ballar breathes sheer splendour into your pictures as a radiant craftsman, making for memorable keepsakes be it your business or personal use.

He creates a collusion of meticulously clicked and artfully arranged photographs to form your unique, luxe coffee table book or look book for your products. Elbow aside deadpan, glitzy backdrops, bring in the candid shots, your honest, flattering expressions caressed by natural light and the exuberance that makes every picture speak. Each of Narendra's exquisite portraits reflect your inherent personality and form part of the story that unfolds on your mind n heart and where you want to take your brand image.

Sepia tones flicker in between crisp black and white shots and a collage of coloured prints that capture every tiny nuance of the product details and your joy while experiencing them. Narendra's camera expertise of almost two decades finds ardent patrons in various leading Bollywood celebrities and leading Brands of India.

It is his repertoire of innovative, stylised collages, vintage sepia tones and contrast images together with colour prints in conventional and digital format that single him out. And if your leading business partners based out of country, Narendra offers online extensions of your business look book and Catalogue, laced with stellar illustrations to narrate your product detailing, which is most important part of your business. Catalog, portfolios, Calendar, lookbook and magazine work followed from a wide network of clients. Brand image building and providing strategic management added to his repertoire and his role as one of the visionary leading photographers was sealed by his inclusion and love for his work.


Mukesh Patil

Mukesh´s story is as creative as what's done at EDIT! To fulfill what every child is expected to, Mukesh enrolled science and also successfully completed Master in HR(not to be missed gold medalist). Science's loss became creative gain for EDIT. A people's person, a work enthusiast and a team player, Mukesh is a strategic genius with an edge. Having varied work background be it Suzlon, Bajaj Alliance or Reliance group- he has proven to be great at what he does, time and again. He is a visionary and a smart strategist with an eye for detail.

Mukesh has been an integral part of team EDIT with his up-to- date knowledge of gains in business or Interpersonal attitude for CSR activities( founder of Smit Trust powered by EDIT). Clients favourite, he is the voice of assurance for many of our clients. Truly a driving force for EDIT!


Meghna Dugar

Meghna, a name synonymous to creativity, is a person who breaks crayons and ingeniously looks into creative aspect of the project for the firm. Her masters degree in mass media aids her in understanding the nuances of the media industry and helps her ace in whatever she does. She has worked with many renowned celebrities including some A list Bollywood stars. Behind the no-nonsense strategist, lies a Meghna who's extremely passionate about path- breaking creatives.Her ability to blend sensible strategy with handcrafted creativity helps build beliefs and deliver results.

Meghna brings to the desk an acute awareness of creative strategies with changing business dynamics which brings incredible value to the brands we work for. Her networking skills holds a valuable asset for the company. She is compassionate to follow her business profile with blends of out of the box ideas and glamour(can't miss that). Meghna works towards the emancipation of celebrity profiles and budding new-comers with her experience in talent management and brand building. Adding to it is her unassuming simplicity and audacity .. she is very efficient to know her job between action and cut.

And amidst all that drama happening, she sometimes dreams of losing herself in the by lanes of her own entertainment world where she is a born star... may be that's what the charisma of EDIT is!!